Turnsteel AS-TMS

A leading two-factor authentication solution aimed to comply with stringent security standards.


Turnsteel Authentication Server - Token Management System (Turnsteel AS-TMS) is an authentication solution based on 3 specific factors: What you know - What you have - Who you are, reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the organizational system and network. Turnsteel AS-TMS also provides non-phishing and anti-spoofing biometric authentication services to enhance security and access authentication for customers or employees.

Securing Sensitive Systems and Transaction Data with Turnsteel AS-TMS

Turnsteel AS-TMS is responsible for managing and supervising authentication in the back-end system, strong authentication solution dedicated to protecting the integrity and security for systems and their customers.

Designed with Security and Performance as the foundation, Turnsteel AS-TMS is able to authenticate millions of banking transaction everyday while keeping the sensitive data intact, protecting them from fraudulent online attacks.

Key Features

Industry Standard Authentication

Turnsteel supports industry standard 2FA Hardware Tokens, Software Tokens, SMS OTP, RADIUS (Remote Authentication dial-in user service) and Biometrics Authentication (Voice Recognition and Facial Recognition).

Ease of Integration

Turnsteel works seamlessly with an array of applications. A suite of APIs is available to support different programming languages and integration with existing enterprise IT systems.

Simplify Management and Report Generation

Turnsteel simplifies administration through a user-friendly management dashboard and transaction report generator.

Management of Security Levels

Turnsteel supports different authentication methods (Simple OTP, Challenge Response, or Transaction Signing) that organizations (government entities, financial institutions or enterprises) can tune system usability and security requirements based on sensitivity of actions / transactions.

Troubleshooting Analytics Engine (TAE)

A systematic approach to detect and correct all root causes in operation systems.


TAE is the fruit of intensive learning, studying and analyzing the problems revolving around our partners’ infrastructure and their customer base, through many case studies and valuable R&D experience, all key features of TAE are improved and perfected in order to minimize the work our partner needed to solve their customers' problems.

A Deep Dive into your Data

TAE is a useful method of forensic engineering in tracing problems in products or processes, with a wide range of analytical techniques are available to determine the cause or causes of specific failures by corrective and preventive actions to prevent further failure of a similar kind.

TAE is a post-deployment engine that is highly capable of detecting and pinpointing the root causes of all of the errors that are occuring in the system, capturing the big picture and providing an intuitive dashboards and reports which help the end-users (administrators, operators...) better understand what is going on in their system in just a minute.

Key Features

Easy to install & quick to use

Deployment under 5 minutes through detailed and easy to follow up the checklist and instructions. With a click, you can monitor all traces of errors happening in the system

Intuitive & Multi-level Dashboard

Through detailed dashboards and rules, TAE clarifies all of errors / root causes that users may encounter, and abnormal signs in the infrastructure, providing information for users to decide the most suitable solutions.

Real-time collecting, monitoring and updating error codes and root causes

TAE shipped with real-time data processing, and updating results instantly on the dashboards, help users access the latest information about their system, without manual input.

Ad-hoc Rules and Dashboards

Provide add-on features and rules based on feedback & requests from operators, which aimed to customize dashboards and achieve the desire of the operators, TAE can further connect the dots, get more insight data and respond exactly in real-time.

Increase Productivity through TAS and TAE integration

Turnsteel AS-TMS combining with TAE goes beyond "a method or service", it is the "all-in-one solution" or "a full ecosystem" with robust security levels and multi-levels classifications for analytics and troubleshooting purpose, to ensure absolute security for the entire system and enhance the user experience. One reinforces system’s security by authentication methods, one helps improve productivity of operation by minimizing the amount of time needed to identify and solve the system’s problems. In addition, an efficient methodical troubleshooting approach can eliminate these prospective causes.

  • Turnsteel AS-TMS, the bedrock of digital security controls has been successfully deployed for banks, financial institutions and governments aimed to protect their customers' identities and transactions at all times with processing time: 15ms/request and zero error rate in operation.
  • High Availability: ensure availability up to 99.999%, allow running multiple application instances in one server, allow load balancing (active-active mode) and running of core modules on different machines.
  • Turnsteel AS-TMS - TAE integration is a proprietary technology designed and deployed by Singalarity. Its highest purpose is to trace all root causes and errors of the system right after deployment and help remediate critical issues as soon as they are spotted. Furthermore, the Turnsteel AS-TMS - TAE integration can be specific to each type of customer's components in the current market.