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      Singalarity is a commercial research and cyber security lab that seeks to create and deliver solutions that prevent, detect and resolve cyber risks and digital frauds so as to enable trust in the digital world and empower organizations to succeed in digital transformation. We apply deep tech knowledge in cybersecurity and data processing through the use of AI and Mathematical Models. Singalarity's Lab is the only organization in Asia with the capability to conduct research and master core technologies of mobile security, digital identification and authentication at the highest global standards such as FIPS-140-2 {Level 1, 2,3}, Common Criteria EAL {2+, 3+, 4+}.

      Headquartered in Singapore, with research labs in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Boston (US), we pride ourselves on technology excellence and execution. We provide customized and specific solutions to customers across sectors with the most stringent security standards and the highest stability requirements such as Government Agencies, Military Departments, Finance and Banking Sectors, Manufacturing and Energy Industries. Currently, we have built a system to protect and authenticate more than 10 million digital bank accounts and populations in Southeast Asia. 

      Singalarity collaborates with SUTD (Singapore), Indiana University (US) and other leading technology companies in Asia and all around the world in core technology research fields of Cryptography, Biometrics, Machine Learning and Operations Research.  

      Singalarity is seeking talented candidates with a desire to work in the high-tech and innovative ecosystem. We are proud of being an organization that focuses on continuous learning and training, where each member can find a breakthrough and go beyond their “comfort-zone”. If you are ready for the challenge and test your limits, this is the opportunity for you!


      • 1. Engineer:
      • This career opportunity is open to senior undergraduates/graduates and fresh graduates. Talented candidates with demonstrable ability to research and innovate are welcome to join us as part of Singalarity's R&D team.

      • Job Description:
      • - Ability to research, learn and practice continuously to master key basic techniques, core technologies or techniques in assigned fields;
      • - Opportunity to participate in developing new applications based on specific core technologies that are not available or difficult to own in Vietnam;
      • - Maintain the reliability, accuracy, security, performance and responsiveness of Singalarity's applications based on Singalarity’s standards and procedures;
      • - Collaborate with team members and technology partners and contribute to breakthrough ideas and product innovation;
      • - Opportunity for on-the-job training and self-directed learning to develop breadth and depth in theoretical and practical knowledge to become a regional and international research expert.


      ● Embedded System Engineer (Hardware & Software): 
      - Familiar with C/C++ and Java programming languages;
      - Have general knowledge of the concepts on operating systems including Linux, iOS, Android in fields such as: task management (dispatcher, semaphore, etc...), memory management;
      - Ability to understand and apply data structures and algorithms required in mission-critical functions;
      - Familiar with the principles, methods, and thinking of Zero-bug & Zero-crash required in mission-critical systems;
      - Plus: Having knowledge of information security and information safety, or client-server model.

      Software Engineer: 
      - Have a passion in software development to build and create “perfect products” that can provide an “incredible experience” to “win hearts & minds” of millions of users;
      - Proficient in Native Mobile (iOS, or Android) and cross-platform development;
      - Proficient in working with one or more programming languages: Javascript, {Java/C/C++}, SQL, Go;
      - Familiar with Middleware systems, development auxiliary tools & errors checking system;
      - Plus: having/owning a demo app or a contributor/author library on developer public communities such as: Github, Gitlab, as well as having network knowledge, UX, SecDevOps, AI.

      • 2. R&D Intern:
      • This is an advanced internship program for Junior or Senior university students. All Interns will be trained in essential job skills, techniques, technologies, and core knowledge. Outstanding performers will be offered long-term internships with the opportunity for overseas internship stint and to join us as a part-time staff in our R&D team. 40% of Singalarity Interns have been sent abroad during their internship and 60% of the other trainees used the Singalarity’s research topic as the subject of their graduation thesis, and can be “sponsored or supported” by professors from SUTD (Singapore), Indiana University (US) and other Singalarity partners in R&D processes.

      • Job Description:
      • - Undergo training to contribute to complex technology solution development programs in Singalarity. Interns can be assigned to support small projects in specific fields based on their qualifications;
      • - Apply foundation knowledge learned from university, Singalarity and through self-study to tackle real-world technological challenges;
      • - Interns are encouraged to be confident and are treated equally in working with technology experts in Singalarity partners from US, UK, Russia, and Singapore;
      • - Develop breadth and depth in theoretical and practical knowledge to become a regional and international research expert.

      - Students from listed majors: Information Technology, Information Security, Electronics Engineering - Embedded Systems Engineering, Mathematics – Informatics, with good academic records and at least one year of studying at the school;
      - Have a strong will and desire to become a specialist;
      - Ability to read, understand, synthesize scientific research articles/papers or technical documents in related fields;
      - Have a passion for R&D and ability to research deeply towards fundamental technology knowledge in Singalarity’s R&D orientation;
      - Have background knowledge in Computer Science, Mathematics, Programming skills, or have professional competencies in Algorithms, Data Structures, ... 
      - Master skills with one or more programming languages​: Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL, etc; 
      - Plus: have knowledge in network, system, AI, database, or executed interesting personal projects, typing speed of more than 60WPM.

      • HOW TO APPLY:

      • Please submit the following: 
      • - Your Resume or CV (please attached your avatar on it); 
      • - Your latest and detailed Academic Transcript (PDF or PNG file) 

      • Please send your profile via email: with title [JOB POSITION] – [YOUR FULL NAME]

      • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our company phone number directly at: (+8428) 6658 4945 for your further information.

      • WORKPLACE: 
      • The Manor Officetel Building, 91 Nguyen Huu Canh St., Ward 22, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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